Is Base-Dating free to use?

​Base-Dating is a free to use website with some limitations depending on membership level.

I can't find my location, what should I do?

If you are unable to find your location when registering be sure to email with your location and we will rectify the issue as soon as possible.

What are membership levels?

Answer: There are three levels of membership.
When registered, you are immediatley granted Bronze membership level.

How much is membership?

Bronze is free
Silver is £0.99 for 7 days or £2.99 for 30 days
Gold is £1.99 for 7 days or £5.99 for 30 days
Gold membership level allows complete unhindered access to Base-Dating. (Services excluded)

Longer periods of membership are available if required.

Can I withdraw money from my account?

Unfortunatly once money has been deposited into your account you are not able to withdraw any funds.

Can I transfer money to another account?

Money is considered a gift and the only way to send a gift is if you are friends. A small transfer fee is required to send money of 1%.

Why has my picture been taken down?

​All pictures uploaded go through postmoderation. If we decide that images are inappropriate due to their content, a warning will be given.

How do I create my profile

Simply select "Sign up" on the website or app and follow the on screen prompts. Once your profile is created you will have to go into your profile and continue filling in the required information. The more information you will in the better change you have of being noticed.

How do I recover my Username/Password?

To recover one of the above goto, select sign in and click the link "Forgotten password?". You will be asked to enter your regitration email, shortly after you will receive your username and new password to your registered email. Be sure to change it to something you will remember.

Can I block other users?

You are able to block other users by going to their profile, selecting options (The three dots) and then select "add to blacklist". We would like to know why you have decided to block users so if you could report the selected user before blocking so we can do our own investigations.